Stranger Asking Me My Favorite YouTube Videos

Stranger Asking Me My Favorite YouTube Videos

So, some strangers stop at my previous YouTube video and asked which video category that I enjoy the most. Well, maybe they are dude from or maybe someone else. I watched lot videos on YouTube and not specifically like one category. But I do have favorite videos so far. If you really want to know, here they are but I got to warn ya it will full of my personal taste. Please don`t judge, you asked me.

  1. All videos relate to Ed Sheeran
  2. Prince George
  3. Kate Middleton
  4. My own videos. FYI I have plenty videos on my channel which always put me on repeat because the moment when I took those videos was priceless. Mostly concert with my screaming voice.
  5. Video about giving something to stranger
  6. Feed the homeless
  7. Funny babies
  8. Funny film critics like How xx Should have ended, Honest Trailer and many more
  9. Bloopers, yes I love bloopers video
  10. military homecoming
  11. The rich who goes undercover to give her / his money
  12. Graham Norton Show
  13. Everything relate to Benedict Cumberbatch
  14. Setlock, you know when fans come to Sherlock set and capture everything to let us know the glimpse before the movie plays in 2016
  15. Music parody, especially for my favorite singers
  16. touching videos like blind who can get his vision again or about autism
  17. Celebrities surprise fans
  18. Dance tutorial, even though I can`t really dance
  19. Cute pets
  20. Ice Bucket Challenge videos, still can`t get over it



Get a Great ‘Happy Birthday’!

Three days ago, I had a wonderful ‘happy birthday’ from my friends. The thing that made it extraordinary was they created a video and uploaded it to YouTube! Of course many people then knew that was my birthday and I got uncountable prayers from them whom I did not really know as they were just my YouTube friends. Beyond the great birthday wishes, I thought the video was cool so asked them how to make it. Here were what they said:

Have your concept

They said the first thing they did was taking a good concept. Birthday is something special thus you cannot make a ‘happy birthday’ video as you please or carelessly.

Involve the special ones

Well, actually it depends on the concept but make sure that his/ her special ones there in the video. Nothing is better than having your beloved people with you in your birthday.

Bad Things That Happened In Youtube

Some bad things happens everywhere, even in Youtube. You still need to control yourself when you play Youtube? If you own a channel there you have to be prepared for the rude comments that will make you sick of it. If you just the viewers, try to not get very emotional when commenting a video, some people will try to pull your nerve, and being a provocative and not to mention there are racist everywhere with their racist comments. Some things on youtube start annoys people. Other thing that make people start disappointed with Youtube is too many ad videos, sometimes you want to see the three minutes music video but can't even skip the two minutes ad of hair shampoo. It can be very irritating. But then, who can resist? Youtube can be addictive, some of you must have thought of open Youtube to check one video and ended up 4 hours later realize how many time you spend for Youtube. For these days, it happens to every internet addict.

There's Something About This Youtube Image. What Do You Think?

Does It Matter? See This Youtube Vid And Let Me Know Your Opinion.

Hi Everyone

it's been a while before i decided to write this blog.people say that i am an frivolous type of person, although honestly i feel it differently.i'm also located in rhode island. which is not as far as you might think.i've been thinking to write something about youtube undoubtly we'll talk further on this in coming to hear what you say about iti'll write more, i promised.